About Us

Welcome to Booksbybalas, where imagination meets inspiration! We are a family-owned business dedicated to creating enchanting and meaningful children's books that captivate young minds and nurture their love for storytelling.

Our Story:

Founded by Omar and Khalil Bala, Booksbybalas is the culmination of a father-son duo's passion for literature and creativity. Omar, an Oakland native, embarked on a journey that led him from building affordable homes with Habitat for Humanity to mentoring high school students in Oakland. Despite his diverse experiences, Omar felt a profound connection with the youth and his community.

Driven by a desire to inspire and uplift children globally, Omar, alongside his talented son Khalil, decided to venture into the world of storytelling. Khalil, with his innate creativity and passion for art since the tender age of three, co-authors and illustrates our enchanting tales. His artistic prowess brings our stories to life, making them not only visually captivating but also inspiring for young readers.

Our Books:

  1. Why Dogs Chase Cats: An African American Folktale that answers the age-old question, why do dogs chase cats? Written and illustrated by the talented father-son duo, Omar and Khalil Bala.

  2. The Lost Baby Spinosaurus: Join the journey of The Lost Baby Spinosaurus, who wandered away from family after an afternoon swim. Will they be reunited, or must he roam the land alone?

  3. The Big Friendly Dragon: Meet Bradley, the friendliest dragon in town. Follow his heartwarming story as he transforms from a feared creature to a revered friend, teaching a valuable lesson about acceptance.

  4. Stubs Saves the Day: An unlikely superhero, Stubs, with a round shape and a heart larger than size, saves humanity in his own unique way. A story that breaks stereotypes and celebrates individuality.

  5. I Love Myself: "I Love Myself" promotes self-love and body positivity, encouraging children to embrace every aspect of themselves, from their hair down to their toes.

More Books are coming soon...

Our Commitment:

At Booksbybalas, we are committed to fostering a love for reading, sparking creativity, and promoting positive values in children. Our books are designed to be more than just stories; they are a journey into imagination, exploration, and self-discovery.

Join us on this magical adventure, where every page unfolds a new world of wonder for your little ones. Explore the beauty of storytelling with Booksbybalas – where every tale is a masterpiece, crafted with love, creativity, and the joy of inspiring young minds.